You are a Renaissance Studios mom if:


*You are a mother who is creating something from scratch. This might be: a book, a stand-up comedy routine, a new business, a painting, a plan for this chapter called motherhood or for your career, a plan to travel around the world, an effort to read all of Shakespeare, a plan to become an expert in hieroglyphics, a new cake recipe, a non profit or a lecture series. It could be anything at all as long as it speaks to you, challenges you and scares you.

*Or you are a mother who just really likes the idea of this.

So what is Renaissance Studios about?

We are about developing passions. We mean this in the least hokey, most realistic sense.  We don't have that magic answer that everyone wants, about how to find a big old life goal that compels you, that makes you feel alive, that wakes you up eager to start the day and sends you to bed satisfied at night. But we do have strength in numbers and a community may be the most important thing you can have when you are trying to do something cool.

Ok, but what is Renaissance Studios?

We are a group of moms who meet in dedicated spaces, which we call a mom studio and a kid studio, at Sacred Space Co-Working in Palo Alto. We do things to encourage each other to do cool things. We are all volunteers.

What if this sounds nice and all but I don't have a passion? Instead I have bills and laundry.

All you need is to like the idea of hanging out with women who are thinking this way.

What about the kids? What do I do with them?

We do interesting things with them. Sometimes with babysitters so we can get stuff done.



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