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Thanks to the generosity of Sacred Space and our mothers who offer their time we can do this at very low cost.

What we offer:

  • A Flourish Space:

    • Desk area without kids (Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM; Sat 8AM-4PM):
      Sacred Space has available desks Mon-Fri in their main co-working area (with free Wi-fi).This space is available even on days when your kids are not with you. Renaissance Studios is also available on Sat 8AM-4PM, but without childcare.

      Please note that these are on a first come, first serve basis, and cannot be booked in advance.​​

    • Desk area with kids (sign up sheet sent out through newsletter):
      As a member, you can choose to sign up your child (Infant to 3 yrs) for childcare. 
      You can either work in the main co-working space
      OR we have a couple of tables for parents who would like to be in the childspace room with their child and babysitter
      Note: this is a parent on premises program, not a daycare. Parent must be present at all times and be ready to feed, change, calm a fussing child etc.


  • Moms Programs/Clubs: take a look here

    • Note: If you need childcare during a Program, please make sure to sign up for childcare separately.

  • A Child Space: check it out here

Who we are / who you are

  • Full time moms: Some of our moms are full time moms. Moms of one or more children. Moms who are pregnant with their next. Moms who want to immerse their child in a vibrant community and to make new friends.

  • Moms on leave: Moms needing to get ready to go back into the workforce, starting to transition back and needing some room to think about where even to start.

  • Moms looking for a job: Need to spend some time browsing jobs, polishing up your resume? or even to figure out what you are interested in! The combination of the community, the programs and the childcare will help you get there.

  • Working moms (full time/part time): In the office all week with no time to think? Some of our moms enjoy our clubs on the weekend or are able to spend one morning or afternoon with us if their work offers flexibility to do so.

  • Dads: We know that there are not many places for you in the Bay Area. We welcome you with our arms wide open. Whether you are on paternity leave getting ready to get back to work, a full time dad or back at work with some flexibility, this community is for you.

We are open to any mother who is ready to respect that little voice she often ignores, the one that says “Wouldn’t it be neat if I…wrote a children’s book/learned to sing/started a new team at work/could figure out what I really want to do?”

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Our Community


I've been a part of the Failure Club since day one and have found the group to be immensely supportive. As a working mom, it has given me the time and space to make small but meaningful progress on the other aspects of my life. Failure Club as a concept has positively influenced my whole family. My kids are automatically learning to associate something constructive with the word "failure"


It’s a great place not only to get some work done, but also to meet new parents to socialize and share stories


I've been bringing my son to the space from the start and volunteering. I just love that he has made great friends, younger than him, his age and older. A unique social experience!

I have also been very energized coming to a place where we can build something special with other parents. We all have very different backgrounds and we have this in common: we're trying to figure out how to use this energy we have in ourselves while also being fully dedicated to raising little human beings.

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