What is your vision?

Parenting is an arduous task.So arduous it can seem like the person who you used to be doesn't exist anymore.

The fact is, she doesn't. But the maternal you CAN embrace life differently, with passion, with purpose, and within a community of like-minded mothers. Renaissance Studios is the community to support a mother, and her evolving vision for her life.



What do you mean by take a brave step,  create something, try something new?

It's up to you.  This might be the time to finally search for something you are passionate about. Or to write that novel. Or to start your own consulting business. Or to take up sky diving.  Or, less committing, it's the time to take a deliberate approach to finding things you enjoy and doing them.  Instead of wiling away the exhausted evening hours checking up on Meghan Markle or Crissy Tegan, it's time to turn yourself into that movie buff you always wanted to be. 


So who are your moms?

We are Stanford scientists turned mothers, we are writers, we are founders, we are women with MBAs, we are lecturers at Stanford and Berkeley. We are at home full time and we have full-time careers. We have infants and we have middle schoolers. We are also dads.   Anyone who finds our philosophy appealing is welcome.


I am not creating anything or taking any brave steps, but I like this idea. Can I join?

Yes! The only requirement is you find the idea appealing. One of our moms runs workshops to help us figure out or fine-tune our visions.


What do you mean you have mentors?

We look at what our moms are trying to accomplish, find talented women who are already doing those things, and nicely ask these talented women to help us. For example, a group of our moms is currently working on writing children's books and Elissa Haden Guest, author of the Iris and Walter series, is mentoring them.  We believe that we can achieve things as a group that would be hard for any one of us to do as an individual. So bring your ideas for what you want to do, and who can help you do that thing, and let's try to make it happen.


So, what actually happens in the space?

Think of our work spaces and play spaces as you used think of going to the office: it's a daily, default place for you to drop in. Stop in after pre school drop off with your newborn. Bring your antsy toddler and point him to the day's activities (painting, making mud soup) while you get some emails done. Come after school to work on your new business idea and have your older kids work on homework in the workspace. Come during childcare and work. Or don't bring your kids at all: Come for group work time on a Saturday morning. Come to early morning writing time. Join Failure Club or Business Incubator. Start your own group.


I am not a mom. Can I join?

Yes! Again, all you need is to find the philosophy appealing.


How do I join?

First come to an open house so we can meet you.

Second, fill out our application. Because children's safety is at stake, we ask a few questions.



What is your relationship to HackerMoms?

One of our founding moms was a member at HackerMoms and wanted to create something similar farther South. The HackerMoms gave us their blessing and we loosely adapted what they do to the world of Silicon Valley. Some of our programs are theirs--thank you HackerMoms for your inspiration. And there is talk of doing joint activities: Taking babies backpacking in the Sierra, anyone? 



What is your relationship to Sacred Space Co-Working? 

We are the grateful beneficiaires of their vision to turn places of worship into community spaces--open to anyone of any faith or no faith at all--during the days of the week they sit unoccupied. 

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