Step 2 - Come meet us and gauge fit

We want to learn more about you and how our community can support you in your mom and non-mom endeavors! Before becoming a member, come meet us at the events listed below and see if our visions align. We have regular Open House events, and open drop-in play time every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-4pm. Or try out our childcare for the first time with a trial half-day of child care (see Community Dues page).

No upcoming events at the moment

Step 1 - Get updated on what we're doing


Our main method of communication


Join our Facebook group (not required as we know not everyone has Facebook)

Other ways to get involved

Step 3 - Become a member of our vibrant community


Choose a community dues option on the Community Dues page.

  • Membership:​​

    • Membership is required, except where indicated otherwise.

    • Gives access to the co-working space with WiFi, use of the play spaces without childcare, parents clubs

    • Does not include childcare but gives access to various childcare options.

    • Starts on the day of payment

  • Half-Days of childcare:​

    • Valid 3 months from payment

    • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30-12:30pm & Friday 1-4pm (subject to change)

    • Depend on availability in sign-up sheet (sent out in newsletter)

    • Non refundable

    • Membership required for most options. 

Step 4 - Participate in our vibrant community!

Events: Event scheduling will be shared on this website, via newsletter and Facebook



Childcare: Childcare schedules/sign-up sheets for the week are shared via newsletter so please sign up above!

Any questions? Please always feel free to connect with us

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Share an activity idea
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