Fall 2019 List of activities


See the calendar for specific times and dates.

Failure Club

Where we take our main creative project, or any project that scares us, and meet with fellow Failure Clubbers to help each move forward. Meet every other Saturday morning.

Topic-focused Failure Clubs

**Business Incubator Club. A topic-specific Failure Club for mothers who want to or are working to start a business. Meets every other Tuesday at 12:30 pm beginning in October. 

**Book Writing Club: A topic-specific Failure Club, for mother who want to or are writing a book. Meets every other Saturday for chatting and writing time. Beginning in October. Also this Fall: Book Writing Map sessions. Join me (Caroline) to move from talking about writing a book to actually writing a book (novel or children's book) or book proposal (non fiction). Each week there will be an assignment to complete. Meets every Thursdays at 12:30 pm beginning in October.

NOTE: as groups of mothers who share common goals come together, we will create more topic specific Failure Clubs.


To help us find that project that speaks to us. A couple of our moms are coaches and are offering us their expertise--Big thanks to Yashi and Vanessa! [in development]


Which offer moms the chance to workshop an idea you are excited about trying. Want to try to give a lecture? Or sing? Or discuss your idea for a book? Or teach others to decorate cookies? Moms sign up to host a workshop and we gather to participate. We can open these to the public too, as you like. [in development]


Early morning work time

This time is for working on a project just because you really like that project--not because it is "productive" or "a good use of your time."  A good "just because" project is something you are currently not really allowing yourself to do  See this blog post for more: https://www.renaissance-studios-sv.com/post/so-what-are-we-doing. [in development/trial period]


Limited childcare, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings in the kid studio space. This isn't childcare as you would expect at a daycare or from a nanny, but rather supervised activities, even for babies--like day camp--while you stay and work. 

Precursors to Passion Projects
We develop new activities for our kids to do and make them available in the kid studio/play space. For example: making a giant map of an imaginary land, or mixing potions. The ideas for these activities come from adults who are passionate about their work: we ask these adults what they liked to do as kids and develop those ideas into activities. New Activity Test Sessions are every other Wednesday, ages 0-10, mom stays as we try out new ideas.

Note: Members are invited to come to work and create and play anytime Monday-Friday 9 am to 6 pm. The kid studio is open, with toys and a few new activities each week, there is a small loft we use as a private mom studio, and the main Sacred Space Co-Working Space, which is open to the public, is available.

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